Energy audits can help you find out how much power you can save. Energy consumption has become a major issue in South Africa, Eskom hikes its prices every year, and charges excessive prices, making it beneficial to start using solar energy alternatives.

Using the energy audit we can determine how an improvement in your energy efficiency for your organization or home can potentially bring significant savings. JM Solar has developed energy audit services to provide you with the most efficient path for improving your energy usage. Out energy audit services are an important part of our energy efficiency services and helps you move towards a comprehensive energy management strategy.

Our energy audit will provide you with a understanding of your energy consumption and lay out a path forward to show how you can benefit from a continuous improvement in energy production, identifying cost saving opportunities in energy efficiency, development of an energy consumption inventory and energy profiling.

We have helped a diverse range of companies and homes to find out where their energy is being used, contact us and we will help you!

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