* 4.875kW Island (Off Grid) System built in the Magaliesburg and a Wilderness School. The battery bank is 24 * 2V Sunlight 1275, which offer over 44kW of stored energy. The facility ran for many years on a generator, which only offered 6 hours per day of (noisy) power. The power was unstable and staff at the facility suffered many electronic breakdowns. The Solar System now operates 24/7 and the staff now enjoy clean, stable power. 

* 6,500kW Grid Tie system installed in Waverley. We chose Canadian Solar 250W Double Glass Dymond panels and 2 x SMA Sunny Boy 4.0 inverters

* 6kW System to power Airconditioning in Midrand

* Re-built a system in Blue Valley Golf Estate. The old system only generated around 2000W in full sun, even with over 9kW of installed panels.

We installed 1 x SMA SB5.0 and 1 x SMA SB4.0 Grid Tie Inverters, 1 x Victron 10,000va Quattro Backup Inverter and the monitoring equipment so that we can see exactly what is going on. The panels were re-installed to professional standards. (They were tied on to the rafters with wire before?????) We have 3,8kW facing east, 2,5kW facing west with the bulk facing north (6,5kW)

The system can now be monitored on line via Sunny Portal as well the VRM site. We are running the ESS self consumption system from Victron and the house is now managing the available power much more efficiently.  

* 5,2kW System - Waterfall Hill

* 2.5kW System - Northcliff

* 3kW Backup System - Northcliff

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