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Solar Geyser Installations of various Solar Water Heating solutions is the most cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home or business. We offer the SolarTech brand which is a proven top solar geyser brand, and we have a range of solar geyser sizes and types to fit your pocket. Our South African climate is perfect to soak up all that free sun and lower your dependancy on Eskom. We are based in the Midrand area servicing both Pretoria and Johannesburg with great solar geyser installations. Our preferred solar geysers (SolarTech) rank amongst the very best available in South Africa and offer a 10-year conditional warranty as well as an expected design life more than 20 years.

The solar geysers have a “Solar Fraction” of around 80 percent, which means that the systems can work at around eighty percent efficiency, with a payback of the costs of the technology of around four years. Another 16 plus years of savings will amount to huge savings. Contact us for a discussion around your solar geyser needs.

If you are looking to purchase a solar geyser and looking for a well priced solar geyser installation in the Midrand, Pretoria, Johannesburg areas, give us a call and we will come out and evaluate your situationand provide you with a quotation.

We offer the absolute best services for solar geyser Midrand, Pretoria, Johannesbug areas for solar geyser installations, as we are the best solar geyser installers!


Evacuated Tubes or Flat Panels



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